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Welcome to the Waterford Union High School Communications Department and thank you for your interest in our school community!  Our goal is to communicate with the public about our school district, regularly sharing information about all the WUHS programs, services, and initiatives. We strive for transparency and openness in communication with all members of our school community - parents, students, staff and citizens. We do this using a variety of communication methods to keep parents, staff, students and citizens informed about educational services, achievements, and expenditures on a regular basis.

Communications and Public Relations

  • Communication with our parents and families, students, volunteers, employees, community partners and citizens
  • Community relations - building relationships with our community/business partners
  • Public relations - working with the media
  • Alumni Relations 
  • Assistance with communication and marketing needs for the surrounding K-8 feeder districts throughout the year


  • Celebrate the successes of our students, teachers, and programs
  • Attract families and students to all our schools
  • Assist in marketing opened positions across the districts
  • Demonstrate what a world-class school district looks like on our website, social media, and in marketing communications materials
  • Ensure a positive WUHS brand

District and School Logos

Please get in touch with the communications team for any district, school, or WUHS athletic logos.

Grant Writing

The marketing and communication team works with the district office staff to write grants to support staff needs. 

Student and Staff Recognition

Our goal is to share the great stories taking place in our school and community. If you have a story, please email us! 

Engagement Surveys 

Student, parents, and staff engagement surveys are given in the Fall and Spring. Spring 2024 results coming soon. 

Meet the Team

Director of Marketing and Communications

Waterford Union and Waterford Graded


Community Engagement and Marketing Coordinator

Waterford Union and Waterford Graded