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Athletic Trainer

Meet your Athletic Trainer:

“Approaching every injury with confidence and compassion; providing education and guidance; developing goal-oriented treatments that keep athletes moving forward is what every athlete gets when they walk through my door.”

Kristi graduated with a bachelor’s degree in athletic training at Carroll University in Waukesha, Wisconsin. After graduation, she started working with Aurora Health Care in Burlington and now, with over 20 years of experience, she continues her work at Aurora Health Care and is proud to offer Athletic Training services to Waterford Union High School.

Kristi’s specialty is concussion care and has a passion for community education.

When asked why she chose Athletic Training as a career she says, “I played volleyball, competing at both club and the collegiate level. At the height of my career, I felt the devastating blow of injury. I lost my starting spot, I lost valuable time playing a sport I was passionate about, and I felt defeated. It was my Athletic Trainer though, that taught me that hard work, determination, and discipline isn’t found just on the court, it’s what it takes to defeat injury. When athletes leave my training room, I want them to know the same. I want them to know that they’ve accomplished something great, regardless of whether they make it back to the field. They faced the most trying of circumstances and overcame. What a great life lesson!

When Kristi is not walking the football sidelines or sitting on the bench during a game, she enjoys time with her
husband, two children, and her Aussie.

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