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Athletics & Activities

A co-curricular participant must be in attendance the full school day to be eligible to be able to participate (practice and competitions). Exceptions to this rule may include: School-sponsored activities, family emergencies, doctor/dentist appointments, college visits, and/or others at the administration’s discretion. Contact with the Athletic and Activities Director PRIOR to an absence is required for exceptions to this rule. Unexcused absences will not be tolerated.

  1. A participant suspended or expelled from school will not be allowed to participate in or attend co-curricular activities during the suspension/expulsion period. A student suspended on a Friday, may not participate in a weekend activity or event.
  2. Student-athletes enrolled in PE class, but are medically excused from physical education class on any given day may not participate in practice or game on that day. 
  3. A student absent on the day prior to a non-school day or days on which a contest is scheduled (i.e. absent on Friday with a Saturday contest) may participate in the non-school day contest at the discretion of the coach.
  4. The head coach or advisor determines the attendance policies for practices, games, meets, and contests. The attendance policy is to be shared with team members and parents at the beginning of the season.

Meet our Staff

Jill Stobber

Director of Athletics and Activities 

Stacy McCormack 

Athletics and Activities Assistant